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Clear Seas is an independent research centre focused on marine shipping issues. Learn more about our research on safe and sustainable marine shipping in Canada.

Clear Seas

August 9, 2017

Marine Transportation Corridors

The study will determine causes and frequency of loss-of-control incidents, analyze marine traffic volumes, assess current vessel traffic routes and monitoring practices, determine drift speeds of different vessel types, review available towing and salvage capacity, and identify solutions to enhance marine vessel safety along Canada’s coastlines.

Canadian Council of Academies

April 20, 2016

Commercial Marine Shipping Accidents: Understanding the Risks in Canada

This Clear Seas report summarizes the risks of commercial marine shipping accidents across Canada's regions and for different cargo types, while highlighting gaps in understanding and areas for further research.

Angus Reid Institute

April 19, 2016

Public Opinion Poll: Canadians Attitudes towards Marine Shipping

Canadians see themselves as a sea-faring nation and have positive views about shipping and its contribution to the country. Canada’s coastal regions feel this most strongly.