Indigenous Marine Career Advancement Program

Discover the Indigenous Marine Career Advancement Program: An initiative supporting Indigenous Peoples interested in starting or advancing a career in the maritime sector and the rapidly growing ocean economy by providing training and work placement opportunities.

Connecting Indigenous Peoples to the ocean economy

The Indigenous Marine Career Advancement Program (IMCAP) serves as a vital bridge, connecting Indigenous peoples to the ocean economy while addressing the skills and labor shortages in the marine industry.  

Discover more about Indigenous employment in the maritime industry by exploring our article. We delve into critical topics such as the skills shortage in the marine sector, the significant leadership role of Indigenous peoples in marine stewardship, and the essential need for their meaningful engagement within the maritime sector.

The opportunity

Addressing the current skills and labor shortages facing the marine industry, the Indigenous Marine Career Advancement Program (IMCAP) aims to increase training and employment opportunities for Indigenous participants interested in starting or advancing a career in the maritime sector. In partnership with maritime companies and sector partners, Indigenous participants will embark on a twelve-month placement program focused on creating full-time positions.

Participants will benefit from: 

  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth through education and training 
  • Exposure to various roles and career paths within maritime-related industries 
  • Potential for long-term career advancement 
  • Culturally safe wrap-around supports 
  • Access to resources and services to address barriers 
  • Respect and Recognition of Indigenous Knowledge and Perspectives 

Industry will benefit from: 

  • Access to a diverse talent pool with unique perspectives and skills 
  • Development of a skilled and diverse workforce
  • Wage subsidies for hiring eligible participants* (based on eligibility)
  • Long-term sustainability and competitiveness in the marine industry
  • Stronger community connections
  • Cultural competency training that promotes awareness and understanding
  • Commitment to a path of reconciliation Cultural competency training for your organization that promotes awareness and understanding

Opportunities for Industry Partners:

  • Donate: Sponsor the Indigenous Marine Career Advancement Program (IMCAP) to empower Indigenous individuals in the maritime sector. 
  • Collaborate: Provide expertise to shape IMCAP’s initiatives, ensuring they meet industry needs. 
  • Support: Hire and mentor IMCAP participants, aiding in their professional growth and success. 
  • Reconciliation: Partner with Clear Seas and IMCAP to promote diversity and inclusion in the industry as part of reconciliation efforts. 

Building On A Success Story

IMCAP builds upon Clear Seas’ Indigenous Career Pivot Program (ICPP), which forged strategic partnerships with organizations including Canada’s Ocean Super Cluster (OSC), BCIT, the College of the North Atlantic, and ACCESS. This National collaboration facilitated new career opportunities for 11 Indigenous individuals in the maritime and shipping sector. Placing education and training at the forefront as well as support from wage subsidies, the program provided access to meaningful career opportunities to bridge employment gaps. Additionally, ICPP extended its benefits to include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and larger organizations within the blue economy, ensuring a diverse range of stakeholders benefited from this transformative initiative. You can read more about the initiative here.

Listen to Sarah Thomas, Director of Indigenous Programs at Clear Seas discuss the benefits of the previous program. 

IMCAP will be open to both Indigenous Peoples seeking careers in ocean-related industries and Industry organizations looking to hire Indigenous talent. 

If you are an employer interested in participating in our program or hiring Indigenous talent, please reach out to us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss potential collaborations and the benefits of diversifying your workforce.  


The Indigenous Marine Career Advancement Program will begin accepting new applicants soon.


Stephanie Hurlburt
Indigenous Program Lead 
(778) 730-1369