Tanker Safety Expert Panel II: Arctic

Compared to areas south of the 60th parallel, the Arctic is a much more complex environment within which to prepare for and respond to spills.


Tanker Safety Expert Panel II: Marine Casualty Management

This Chapter draws on the experience of other national jurisdictions on centralized Marine Casualty Management systems.


Canada Transportation Act Review

Although the report covered all aspects of transportation in Canada, this digest concerns itself with the chapter on Marine Transport, particularly those aspects that deal with safe shipping practices.


Marine Oil Spill: System Elements

This digest covers some of the major observations of the province's report, specifically those that discuss system element examples from around the world that best describe a world-leading oil spill response system.


Marine Oil Spill: Prevention

This digest covers some of the province's major observations, specifically those that discuss world-leading prevention systems that build on IMO standards.


Marine Oil Spill: Preparedness & Response

Digest covering the major observations of marine oil spill preparedness, response and recovery examples from around the world.


West Coast Spill Response Study 1

Digest on the Ministry of Environment's report on British Columbia's oil spill prevention, preparedness and response regime.

Clear Seas

Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Drifting Ships off Canada’s Coasts

The study will determine causes and frequency of loss-of-control incidents, analyze marine traffic volumes, assess current vessel traffic routes and monitoring practices, determine drift speeds of different vessel types, review available towing and salvage capacity, and identify solutions to enhance marine vessel safety along Canada’s coastlines.

Canadian Council of Academies

Commercial Marine Shipping Accidents: Understanding the Risks in Canada

This Clear Seas report summarizes the risks of commercial marine shipping accidents across Canada's regions and for different cargo types, while highlighting gaps in understanding and areas for further research.