Wheel of Maritime Law

The tool below provides an overview of the national acts and international conventions, protocols and codes related to commercial shipping in Canada. Documents related to seafarers have been omitted, unless they are directly associated to the safety of shipping.

How to Use the Wheel: You can explore the various documents by topic; if you click on one of the topics (one of the sections in the inner layer), you can zoom in on that topic and see only the documents associated with the topic (some documents will be found under multiple topics). To return to the overview, simply click in the centre of the wheel. If you hover over the topic you will see a window with a brief description of the topic. If you hover over a text, you will see a window with the full title of the document, the year it was adopted, and the agency that is responsible for its implementation. If you click on the title it will take you to the text or its website.

This tool was made by Nexus using D3.js.

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