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Clear Seas is an independent research centre focused on marine shipping issues. Learn more about our research on safe and sustainable marine shipping in Canada.

Clear Seas

June 7, 2022

Climate Change Vulnerability of the Canadian Maritime Environment

An analysis of the effects of climate change and the strategies that the Canadian maritime sector needs to adapt to meet this rising threat.

University of British Columbia,
National Research Council Canada

June 1, 2022

Pathways to
Zero-Impact Shipping

Clear Seas is undertaking a project to evaluate the potential contribution of different technologies to reduce the overall environmental impacts of marine shipping.

University of British Columbia,
Transport Canada

May 24, 2022

Smart Adaptive Solutions to Underwater Noise from Ships

Clear Seas is undertaking a project to help demonstrate the feasibility of smart adaptive technologies to reduce the impact of underwater noise from ships on marine mammals.

Dalhousie University

May 6, 2022

Supporting Inuit Rights and Marine Use

A guide to shipping regulations in Nunavut.

Clear Seas

April 28, 2022

Assessing Shipping Risk in Canada

Building on its previous work on shipping risks, Clear Seas examined the rates of vessels involved in maritime incidents and accidents in Canada, based on the type of ship and occurrence and the volume of marine traffic in each region.


December 23, 2021

Marine Shipping Trends in the Canadian Arctic 

Assessment of marine shipping trends over the past 30 years in the Canadian Arctic, focusing on two sites in the Northwest Passage. The project offers recommendations on risk management strategies, impact mitigation, and including Inuit knowledge and perspectives in policymaking.

Clear Seas

July 12, 2021

Maritime Commercial Incidents and Accidents

Clear Seas examined the spatial distribution of commercial marine shipping incidents and accidents in and around Canadian waters and created an interactive, user-friendly visualization tool to share this data. Accessible to all, this tool can be used to highlight areas of potential shipping risks, identify trends in marine incident reporting, and help inform policymakers and the public on the safety of marine shipping in Canada.

Clear Seas

March 2, 2021

Vessel Traffic in Canada’s Pacific Region

Clear Seas contracted Nuka Research to analyse vessel traffic and oil movements in Canada’s Pacific region. This study is the fifth body of work associated with Clear Seas’ Marine Transportation Corridor initiative in Canada’s Pacific Region.

Clear Seas

March 1, 2021

Marine Transportation Corridors

Clear Seas undertook a multifaceted analysis to illustrate risks related to marine shipping activities and to assist in marine spatial planning on Canada’s Pacific coast.