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Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping

Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping

We are an independent research centre that supports safe and sustainable marine shipping in Canada.


To be the leading source of credible, fact-based information to bring clarity to decision-making for safe and sustainable marine shipping in Canada.


A vibrant, safe and sustainable marine shipping industry that leads world standards, and that Canadians feel part of and trust.

Is Marine Spatial Planning the Key to Safer and Healthier Oceans?

How sharing the marine environment and managing its use can help ensure a sustainable future for our oceans and waterways.

Nathan E. Stewart Oil Spill:
Five Years After

Five years after the Nathan E. Stewart sank, spilling the equivalent of a railcar’s worth of diesel fuel into the ocean,1 we want to know: could a similar incident happen today and how prepared are we if it does?

Haida Gwaii Oil Spill Prevention Measures Renewed for Ships

The Voluntary Protection Zone implemented to keep commercial ships at a safe distance from the west coast of Haida Gwaii is extended.

Maritime search and rescue and shipping risk: How does it work in Canada?

Understanding the mechanics of maritime search and rescue (SAR) and how maritime risks are governed in Canada.

Ballast water management: stopping the spread of invasive species by ships

Why commercial ships carry ballast water on board, and how it affects the marine environment.

What we do

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Clear Seas provides impartial information on marine shipping in Canada to policy makers and the public. Our mandate is to initiate and interpret research, analyze policies, identify best practices, share information and facilitate dialogue.