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Angus Reid Poll: Canadians express confidence in Canada’s marine shipping industry

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Clear Seas is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides impartial and evidence-based research about marine shipping in Canada, including risks, mitigation measures and best practices. Clear Seas’ vision for safe and sustainable shipping encompasses environmental, social and economic impacts of the shipping industry.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Clear Seas was established in 2014 after discussions with the marine shipping industry, port authorities, indigenous groups, non-governmental organizations, coastal communities, and other stakeholders concerned about marine shipping risks, prevention, preparedness, and response strategies along Canada’s coastlines and waterways.


To be the leading source of credible, fact-based information to bring clarity to decision-making for safe and sustainable marine shipping in Canada.


A vibrant, safe and sustainable marine shipping industry that leads world standards, and that Canadians feel part of and trust.

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Clear Seas workshop promotes collaboration

The April 2016 workshop was featured in an article by Colin Laughlan published in the June 2016 Issue of BC Shipping News.

News Release: Lack of Data Limits Understanding of Marine Shipping Risks in Canada

Vancouver, B.C. (April 28, 2016) Version Française – A new report commissioned by the Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping (Clear Seas) reveals the need for better-quality shipping data to fully understand the causes of marine shipping accidents and their potential impacts.The workshop report, Commercial Marine Shipping Accidents: Understanding the Risks in Canada, was released today [...]

Poll: Canadians express confidence in Canada's marine shipping industry

Canadians see themselves as a sea-faring nation and have positive views about shipping and its contribution to the country. Canada’s coastal regions feel this most strongly.Overall, these findings show that Canadians are equally aware of the importance of marine shipping to our economy and that environmental concerns cannot be ignored, especially along our coastlines.One of [...]

Conference Snapshot: Howe Sound Community Forum

Clear Seas had the privilege to speak at a gathering of regional government representatives, local industry, First Nations, the Islands Trust and other municipal organizations, in Squamish, BC in October 2015.The focus of the Howe Sound Community Forum was on community updates and development projects, as well as the future of a changing Howe Sound. [...]

Conference Snapshot: Annual LNG in BC Conference

The third annual LNG in BC Conference gathered academia, marine stakeholders, analysts, and government and industry representatives together this past October 14-16 in Vancouver, BC. Attendees learned of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) production and shipping, as well as use of LNG in British Columbia.

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Clear Seas has a national mandate to facilitate research, analyze policies, identify best practices for safe and sustainable shipping worldwide, share information broadly, and create open dialogue with communities, starting with those along our coasts.

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