Supporting Inuit Rights and Marine Use

Executive Summary

A visualization of shipping regulations and policies governing commercial vessels in Nunavut waters


Clear Seas has partnered with a team led by Dr. Lucia Fanning at Dalhousie University on the maritime governance project Supporting Inuit rights and marine use: A visualization of shipping regulations and policies governing commercial vessels in Nunavut waters. The project builds on the work already underway in partnership with the Government of Nunavut, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and all 25 Hunters and Trappers Associations in the territory in an initiative called Coastal Restoration Nunavut (CRN)

Project activities supported by Clear Seas include the design and production of informational posters to better inform Inuit communities who are seeing an increase in shipping activities, along with a multilingual guidebook on how to maximize the impact and usability of the posters. Clear Seas will also provide in-kind support to the project, including to an Indigenous student internship based in Nunavut.

This project will complement and leverage ongoing research underway as part of the CRN project, which draws on Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (Inuit ways of knowing) to document and address the health and condition of marine species and their habitats. The overall CRN project and this specific knowledge mobilization component are driven by a bottom-up and community-led approach to activities, reviews, and approval.


Members of Naujaat, Nunavut study the coastline during one of the community participatory mapping workshops held as part of the CRN initiative.


The posters created as part of this project will highlight issues that have emerged from ongoing CRN community workshops, to increase awareness of the governance framework related to marine shipping. Topics explored through the poster series will include but are not limited to oil spill response and preparedness, discharge regulations, anchorages, and navigation rights. 

The knowledge and information made accessible through this project will help Nunavut communities to identify gaps in legislation and policy, participate meaningfully in policy discussions, advocate for regulatory changes, and become more involved in the management and governance of maritime spaces in the Nunavut Settlement Area. This work builds on Clear Seas’ mandate to initiate and interpret research, analyze policies, identify best practices, share information, facilitate dialogue in collaboration with Indigenous coastal communities across Canada and advance reconciliation in the maritime shipping industry.