Enabling informed decisions

About Clear Seas

Clear Seas is a Canadian not-for-profit organization that provides independent fact-based information to enable governments, industry, and the public to make informed decisions on marine shipping issues. We work to build awareness and trust so that all people can feel a part of the marine sector. Our vision is a sustainable marine shipping sector that is safe, vibrant, and inclusive, both now and for future generations.






What we do

Clear Seas fills knowledge gaps and builds capacity in an important sector of the Canadian and global economy. We achieve this through comprehensive research, communications, and people development programs, including Indigenous-led research and Indigenous-focused development.

Creating Knowledge

We lead and facilitate research that generates independent fact-based information on marine shipping issues.

Informing Conversations

We share clear and accessible knowledge that enables governments, industry, and the public to make informed decisions on marine shipping issues.

Convening Voices

We convene all voices in open and respectful dialogue on marine shipping issues.

Building Capacity

We create capacity sharing opportunities and work experiences for a more inclusive marine industry.

Our work considers the human, environmental and economic impacts of marine shipping and contributes to making the industry safer, more sustainable, and more inclusive.”

Including Indigenous knowledge and perspectives

Clear Seas strives to actively involve Indigenous communities in carrying out our mission concerning research and knowledge sharing on safe, vibrant and inclusive marine shipping in Canada. In all our programs, we prioritize the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives for valuable insights about the life and health of the ocean and the impacts from marine shipping traffic and seek to learn from different ways of knowing.

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“Canada’s aspirations for economic growth, environmental protection, and climate change mitigation in partnership with Indigenous Peoples require a safe, sustainable, and vibrant maritime transport system.”

How we operate

Our position as an independent and trusted not-for-profit and our commitment to building collaborative partnerships has enabled us to convene diverse perspectives and collaborate across sectors.

Bringing many different voices into the conversation allows Clear Seas to contribute timely and relevant research to support decision-making on marine shipping topics and progress reconciliation with Indigenous people.

The people behind Clear Seas

Clear Seas team members are passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds who strive to make a difference by leading with courage for the well-being of future generations. Learn more about our staff, Board of Directors, and Research Advisory Committee.

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