Environmental Impact of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (Scrubbers) in Canadian Waters

Executive Summary

Clear Seas has commissioned Alion Science and Technology (Canada) Corporation to conduct a comprehensive study on the use of open- and closed-loop scrubbers to reduce sulphur emissions from ships. The study will first investigate the environmental impact (including emissions, ocean acidification, eutrophication, and heavy metals) from different types of scrubbers compared to compliant fuel (such as low sulphur fuel oil). The environmental impact on coastal ecosystems from open-loop scrubbers will then be considered under the following scenarios: i) 10% of ship traffic; ii) 50% of ship traffic; iii) 100% of ship traffic uses open-loop scrubbers in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic coasts. The results are intended to provide evidence-based information for policy makers and industry to consider when making decisions about the use of or restrictions on scrubbers.