Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Drifting Ships off Canada’s Coasts

Executive Summary

Report Due December 2017.

Loss-of-control incidents in vessels increase the risk of drift-related collisions, allisions, and groundings with the associated risks of pollution, injury, or damage to assets. Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping is undertaking a collaborative study to assess the extent of loss of vessel control along Canada’s Pacific and Atlantic coastlines and evaluate measures to recover drifting vessels before an accident can occur. The study will determine causes and frequency of loss-of-control incidents, analyze marine traffic volumes, assess current vessel traffic routes and monitoring practices, determine drift speeds of different vessel types, review available towing and salvage capacity, and identify solutions to enhance marine vessel safety along Canada’s coastlines. The project will involve experts in the fields of marine engineering, marine transportation, maritime law, simulation, naval architecture, towing and salvage, government, and Indigenous and coastal communities.

Research being conducted by: Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping

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