Marine Shipping Research - Currently In Progress

We facilitate research to identify best practices for safe and sustainable marine shipping in Canada. The following research projects are in progress and will be available shortly.


Commercial shipping issues in Canada’s North

In partnership, MEOPAR and Clear Seas are seeking to fund two-year research projects related to commercial shipping issues in Canada’s North. Projects may focus on issues related to governance, cultural, economic, risk and infrastructure. All projects are encouraged to incorporate meaningful engagement with local populations, businesses or decision makers to ensure that the knowledge mobilization component is strongly entrenched with those who live and work within the project area.

Ocean Networks Canada

Real Time Vessel Monitoring

Clear Seas, in collaboration with Ocean Networks Canada, will monitor real-time satellite and terrestrial Automatic Identification System (AIS) signals from large commercial vessels operating and transiting B.C. coastal waters and will articulate and quantify the observed and potential vessel traffic hazards as well as make recommendations for policies, procedures and a business model for improved marine domain awareness in Canada.

Clear Seas

Marine Transportation Corridors

The study will determine causes and frequency of loss-of-control incidents, analyze marine traffic volumes, assess current vessel traffic routes and monitoring practices, determine drift speeds of different vessel types, review available towing and salvage capacity, and identify solutions to enhance marine vessel safety along Canada’s coastlines.