Opinion: The ocean economy – Canada could be a global superpower

Innovation has always propelled humans to reach higher, work smarter and dream bigger in search of new approaches to obstacles before us. Like the space race decades ago, there is another frontier at our doorstep that, despite having all the tools to unlock its potential, remains vastly underutilized. The ocean’s economy is growing and the world is beginning to notice.

At roughly 202,080 kilometres, Canada owns the world’s longest coastline. New discoveries from the Franklin Expedition, along with the Northwest Passage’s opening for the first time in human history, have thrust our Arctic waters, and all the potential this uncharted area brings, into the spotlight. This global interest, and the investments Canada has made in marine innovation, provides an opportunity for us to significantly move forward and harness the true potential of our ocean and coasts.

Canada can lead the “blue economy.”

Published October 14, 2016

Last modified on June 25, 2018