Workshop: Creating an Inventory of Marine Shipping Risk Resources

December 3, 2020 (9:30 AM PST) – Join the Canadian Marine Shipping Risk Forum’s virtual workshop aimed at developing an inventory of initiatives and information resources associated with risks to marine shipping.

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About the Workshop 

This workshop is the first of a series aimed at identifying gaps in shipping risk knowledge by:

  • Looking at Canadian initiatives and information resources relating to shipping risk
  • Outlining a common risk framework for marine shipping 
  • Mapping initiatives and resources to a risk framework

This two-hour long event encourages full participation by delegates and will take place in two phases. The workshop’s hosts will first outline the goals of the session and highlight shipping risk initiatives undertaken by academic researchers (MEOPAR), Transport Canada and Clear Seas. Participants will then be invited to join small breakout group discussions focused on identifying shipping risk initiatives in Canada, information resources, risk frameworks and common risk-related terminology. This event is free and open to all people and organizations working in or conducting research on shipping risk.


  • Paul Blomerus, Clear Seas
  • Michael Wallace, Transport Canada 
  • Ronald Pelot, MEOPAR
  • Floris Goerlandt, Dalhousie University


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About the Canadian Marine Shipping Risk Forum 

The Canadian Marine Shipping Risk Forum is a community of practice addressing topics relating to the exploration of risks of, and to, shipping, mostly within Canada. It aims to provide an ongoing forum for communicating about and identifying potential collaborations on the state of the art for shipping modelling and risk in Canada. Learn more about this community of practice, here.

Published November 17, 2020

Last modified on November 20, 2020